Good Corporate Governance

As a company engaged in the modernization of mass transportation that connects the cities of Jakarta and Bandung, and plans to create a development oriented area (Transit Oriented Development (TOD) / TOD), KCIC has a high commitment in implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG ) in the work environment. The Company will actively and consistently monitor and evaluate and make improvements to the implementation of GCG practices and ensure the sustainability of the Company's business activities.

For KCIC, the application of GCG is not only about realizing compliance with existing regulations, but is also able to maintain the sustainability of business performance. Therefore, KCIC makes the implementation of GCG as an operational basis as well as an important strategy in creating a conducive climate in line with company goals. In order to improve the implementation of GCG, KCIC compiled a Code of Conduct (CoC) as a foundation for every employee to interact with stakeholders in the company environment.

KCIC is aware and believes that the implementation and enforcement of GCG will have an impact on the quality of decision making, the independence of the company's organs, improving operational and financial performance, as well as improving the company's image and reputation among shareholders and stakeholders. KCIC believes that the implementation of GCG gradually and consistently can improve and influence the mindset, attitude and behavior of every KCIC employee. For the sake of realizing good and sustainable GCG, this guideline must be obeyed by every KCIC personnel who include all the Board of Commissioners, Directors, and KCIC employees.


Maintaining objectivity in business, KCIC must provide information that is relevant, accessible and understood by stakeholders and the public. This transparency is realized by KCIC by always providing financial and non-financial information to various interested parties. KCIC must be able to take the initiative to reveal not only what is required by legislation, but also what is important for decision making by shareholders and stakeholders. This principle of openness does not reduce the obligation to protect confidential information about the Company and Customers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


The KCIC business process, its performance is transparently and fairly accountable, therefore KCIC must be managed properly, measurably, professionally and in accordance with the interests of the Company, while taking into account the interests of shareholders and stakeholders. The Company guarantees the clarity of functions, implementation and accountability of each Company Organ (Board of Commissioners, Directors and Employees) that enables the effective management of KCIC. Accountability is a prerequisite needed to achieve the best sustainable performance.


Responsibility guarantees suitability in carrying out its business activities based on sound corporate principles, complying with applicable laws and carrying out responsibilities to society and the environment, KCIC also required to be able to actively work together for mutual benefits and strive to make a real contribution to the community. Responsibility constitutes conformity in the management of the Company with applicable laws and regulations as well as corporate principles. KCIC is responsible for complying with applicable laws and regulations, including provisions relating to employment, taxation, business competition, occupational health and safety, and so forth.


Independence is a condition in the Company guarantees professional and independent business management without conflict of interest and influence/pressure from any party that is not in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and sound corporate principles. Independence contains an element of independence from the dominance of other parties and objectivity in carrying out their duties and obligations. In relation to the principle of independence ( independence ), the company must be managed independently so that each organ of the Company and all ranks below it, do not dominate each other and cannot be intervened by any party, that can affect objectivity and professionalism in carrying out their duties and its responsibilities.

Fairness and Equality

Fairness and equality is justice in fulfilling the rights of stakeholders that arise based on the agreement or because of the applicable laws and regulations. In carrying out its activities, the Company must always pay attention to the interests of shareholders and stakeholders based on the principle of fairness and equality. KCIC guarantees that all interested parties receive fair treatment in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. KCIC will treat each employee fairly and freely without discriminating against ethnicity, religion, race, origin, gender or other matters that are not related to performance.